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IP-PBX Mini is typically made based on well known ARM mini computer called Raspberry-PI,  Raspberry-PI is a made in UK device which is carrying a ARM architecture processor and a Dedicated RAM, this mini computer cable of running various of linux operating systems that made for ARM  architecture. We taken a advantage of this device and re developed our Flatrix-PBX system according to ARM architecture and embedded to this device using a Specially design Class 10 SSD card, the same enterprise grade features are available on this device for much lower cost. 







Size of and Easy Deployment

Flatrix-PBX Mini is a credit card size device powered by a Micro USB power adapter, even you can use Micro USB cable now a days we use for our Smart Phones. And it comes with a 100mb Ethernet can be directly plug in to your network switch or router and then start everything remotely using it's web interface.


Programmability and 0 chance of Data corruption

Since the Flatrix-PBX System run over on SD card, software maintenance and Reprogram is very simple, in case of Hardware failure unplug and switch the SD card to a new device within a seconds and then you have the same system with same configuration that you had before. Flatrix-PBX Mini is using a Class 10 SSD card that specially made for this device keep the chance of a data corruption at 0 even when face to frequently power downs.


GSM to VOIP Gateway

Flatrix-PBX is coming with a Built in GSM to VOIP software gateway included, that can take any GSM network to VOIP simply using a Huawei Dongle, you can use your existing GSM Hotline sim card with Flatrix-PBX and enjoy the Enterprise grade IP-PBX features.


Ultimate Durability

This Device Manufactured in UK deliver it's ultimate durability to customers, the electronics that used in device doesn't heat up too much which doesn't require A/C or special cooling system , it maintain a same level of heat all the time even when you are utilizing it at a full capacity. This device made to run years without a problem even when using 24X7.


Affordable price and money saving

Flatrix-PBX Mini comes with a unbelievable  price tag that fit in your pocket and ideal solution for the small business. Other than that you can save money from maintenance cost since this is a maintenance free and much more considerable thing is power,  Flatrix-PBX Mini require a small amount of power (5V 1amp) to boot up.

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